Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The Real Millionaires And Their Support Staff

Over the course of her congressional campaign, Republican Linda McMahon boasted that she was willing to sink $50 million into her bid for the U.S. Senate. The tribunes of the people immediately drew their swords. McMahon, it was said in scores of editorials and commentary pieces, was attempting to buy a seat in the congress.

The outrage directed by the Main Stream Media at McMahon, whose opponent is also a millionaire – present Attorney General Richard Blumenthal, the MSM’s anointed candidate for Sen. Chris Dodd’s seat -- has not been poured upon the heads of Democratic contestants in the state’s congressional delegation, even though CTMirror has provided unimpeachable proof that Democratic incumbents, not their impoverished Republican challengers, are the real millionaires.

Republican challengers hoping that the anti-millionaire animus directed at McMahon will now be focused laser-like on their rich and greedy Democratic opponents had better not hold their breath waiting for such as Rick Green and Colin McEnroe of the Courant -- not to cite other too numerous to mention cracker-jack liberals in Connecticut’s one-way media -- to direct their outrage at their favored Democrats.

Better just to swallow the pain of injustice and get along without these disingenuous, hypocritical, partisan liberal sons of thunder in their corner.


Jacqueline Rabe of CTMirror has filed an updated report on campaign financing that shows Democrats on the public financing dole far outpacing their Republican counterparts.


Fuzzy Dunlop said...

The idea that anyone would spend fifty million dollars to win a senate seat is offensive and disgusting. And I'm not one of those "because an office shouldn't be bought" whiners (Jon Corzine is proof enough that money can't buy everything). There are simply too many other good and righteous uses to which that much money could be put. The vanity that a person must possess to spend their own money in such a way will likely be a deciding factor for many, and rightly so.

Don Pesci said...


So far, McMahon’s spent about $15m for face time. I’m not sure she’s actually buying votes, though that might stimulate the economy better than giving about $15b to a business too big to fail. Under certain circumstances, lots of face time MIGHT get you votes. I just thought it important to point out that over on the other side of the barracks, the same thing was happening: Each Democratic in the U.S. congressional delegation is a millionaire, the Republican challenging him a relative pauper. The money advantage spread is equally great in both cases. And, of course, the incumbent politicians are spending other people’s money. McMahon is spending her own. The outrage, however merited, has not been equally distributed. Green and McEnroe are not biting their fingernails down to their cuticles because John Larson, who owns the safest seat on the American continent, is spending $1,821,098 on his campaign, while Ann Brinkley is spending $73,682. The difference is, to use your word, especially disgusting because, owing to gerrymandering, the 1st District really is owned by the Democrats and cannot be purchased by a Republican for any price – not even McMahon’s millions.

Don Pesci said...

Actually the bailout, according to this report -- http://www.reuters.com/article/idUSN2010140720100721 -- has reached $3.7 trillion. One would have to divide that number by the number of firms bailed out to find the average. It's much more than the $15b cited aove.

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