Tuesday, April 27, 2010


There was a time – hard to remember now – when photography, music and film conspired to wash the soul in a baptism of beauty.

Lili Marleen was the most popular song during World War II, possibly the most romantic song ever because of it's backdrop. The song was sung in German, Russian, Italian and English -- a tear dropped into Hell.


Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for posting this. Although I don't understand German, I found the Marlene Dietrich rendition so evocatove and beutiful that I had to listen and watch over and over again.

You've reminded me that beauty, mystery, and glamour used to exist before feminism turned women into sluts.

From: a liberated, anti-feminsit woman.

Don Pesci said...

You're right about that. It's the feminine mystique, perfectly captured by the Hollywood of the 40's, that's been lost. Women stars now-a-days really are tinsel, and as Hollywood goes, using the word in its broadest sense, so goes the world.

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