Thursday, April 29, 2010

Chatigny and Blumenthal

In April 2009 Attorney General Richard Blumenthal weighed in on the Chatigny-Ross affair.

Blumenthal said at the time, “I have strong reservations about Judge Chatigny’s actions during the conference he conducted in the Michael Ross case. The Judicial Council of the Second Circuit will determine whether these actions were proper and ethical. My office has no role in that process. We have filed no formal complaint against the judge. No provision of state or federal law allows my office to recover costs from a judge found to have acted improperly or unethically.”

It was a graceful bow out on a difficult question. As a rule, Blumenthal’s strong reservations quickly evolve into either an opinion that finds its way into the media or a suit. However, on occassions, when it suits his fancy, Blumenthal can be timid -- sensitve even.

Blumenthal is now running for U.S. Senator Chris Dodd’s seat, which the senator has said he will abandon I the next election.

Chatigny’s name was put into nomination by the senator whose shoes and seat Blumenthal hopes to fill and Sen. Lieberman.

Having expressed “strong reservations” about Chatigny in 2009, Blumenthal should be asked whether he now believes that Chatigny should be appointed to a seat on the 2nd Circuit court, and he should not be permitted to bow gracefully away from the question.

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