Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Sen. McCaskill Meets Her Constituents

On July 27, a representative from Sen. Claire McCaskill office appeared at a town meeting in St. Louis Missouri. Her intention was to listen closely to the concerns McCaskill’s constituents were having with President Barrack Obama’s Health Care bill and report back to her.

McCaskill is the former prosecutor and state auditor that came to Obama’s aid following his defeat of then Sen. Hillary Clinton in the Democratic primary that led eventually to his capture of the White House. She was considered Obama’s top surrogate during the campaign, offering guidance on possible vice presidential candidates, and her name surfaced as a possible running mate.

She got an earful.

Here is a sampling of what a town meeting should be.

And here the estimable Tim Bishop, U.S. Rep. from New York's 1st District, meets his constituents:

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