Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Diplomacy in Iran Fails: Back To Bush

President Barack Obama’s Iran policy now has run aground on rocky reality.

A New York magazine has taken a poke at what is left of President Barack Obama’s Iran policy:

“Barack Obama took office with a bold promise of “an extended hand” to Iran. But then came the fraudulent Iranian election and its brutal aftermath, circumstances that made Obama’s challenge more difficult. Obama may now understandably have no appetite for talking to such a patently diabolical regime. (“Told ya!,” cry the Bushies.)”

“Come September, Obama has said, ‘We will re-evaluate Iran’s posture’ toward negotiations.”

Posture eh?

"And even if Obama is still willing to talk, Tehran may be too internally divided to serve as a reliable negotiating partner. That’s why White House officials are all but resigned to the futility of direct diplomacy. Former State Department official Nicholas Burns, perhaps the Bush foreign team’s most dovish voice on Iran, predicts that ‘even if negotiations are held this autumn, they will fail.’ And if that happens, administration officials say, Obama will have little choice but to start to clench his own fist.”

It seems that a “Green Revolution” got in the way of Obama’s diplomacy, and this point, Secretary of Sate Hillary Clinton is threatening reprisals:

“That means turning the screws on Tehran through what Hillary Clinton has vowed will be ‘crippling sanctions.’”

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