Thursday, August 13, 2009

The Democratic Dip

First, the Rassmussen presidential poll. This is called a trend line:

News on the state front is no better. Arlen Specter, who changes political parties the way many people change socks, is also taking a whipping:

Pennsylvania Senator Arlen Specter is feeling the heat of the health care debate. He now trails Republican Pat Toomey by double digits in an early look at the potential 2010 race. Two months ago, Specter led by double digits. Most Pennsylvania voters oppose the Congressional health care reform effort. Also, Specter’s lead is shrinking in his Democratic Primary match-up with Congressman Joe Sestak.

The Democratic Health Care Plan is out of favor:

Public support for the health care reform plan proposed by President Obama and congressional Democrats has fallen to a new low as just 42% of U.S. voters now favor the plan. That’s down five points from two weeks ago and down eight points from six weeks ago.

And in state races the polls show that the time for change may be at hand.

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