Sunday, May 03, 2009

Clegg-Dodd Makes Big Bucks (Yawn)

Apparently, making money in the age of President Barack Obama, big or small, will be the eighth deadly sin.

The latest “sinner” to be hauled before the mob is the wife of embattled Sen. Chris Dodd, Jackie Clegg-Dodd.

Clegg-Dodd, the Hartford Courant reports in an above the fold front page non-story, is hauling in the loot as a member of five major corporate boards: Blockbuster Inc., Javelin Pharmaceuticals Inc., CME Group Inc., Brookdale Senioir Living Inc. and Cardiome Pharma Corp.

From the Big Five, Clegg-Dodd has received, according to the latest reports filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission, $252,225 in Director’s Fees and $390,951 in stock options, chump change when one compares it to the likely take from the Obama family after they retire from the White House but, never-the-less, a significant bulge in the senator’s yearly income when he was commonly referred to as one of the poorer drudges in the US legislature.

All this naturally offends liberal sensibilities; liberals believe that public officials, men and women, ought to be kept barefoot and naked in the political kitchen.

So long as there is not in the Clegg-Dodd corporate connection an obvious link to Chris Dodd’s professional responsibilities – and the story alleges no such connection – the rest of us should be yawning.

Who cares that Dodd’s wife sits on corporate boards? Who cares that the senator was not born in a log cabin?

What’s important is how much public tax dollars the senator is willing to spend to support federal programs that make things worse, an amount of money sure to be larger than his wife’s haul from corporate boards.

Who cares that Michelle Obama used her new found wealth – and there’s gonna be lots more where that came from – to buy herself a pair of $300 kicks?

It is far more important that her husband has during his first 100 days in office tripled the national debt, because that money will come directly out of the pockets of future taxpayers of limited means who will not be able to use the money appropriated by reckless spenders in the Democrat dominated congress and White House to buy $300 kicks.

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