Sunday, May 03, 2009

The Anti War movement in the Age Of Obama

An anti-war group operating out of– where else? -- Wesleyan University in Connecticut hopes to organize students against wars in Iraq, which is pretty much over, Afghanistan and possibly Pakistan.

The most significant problem for anti- war protestors in the age of President Barack Obama is President Barrack Obama, energetically received by Wesleyan students during a presidential primary stop in Connecticut.

He’s just a very nice commander-in-chief and, unlike Lyndon Baines Johnson -- "Hey,hey LBJ, how many kids have you killed today?" -- and the dark-jowled Richard Nixon who, we sometimes forget, was instrumental in ending the Vietnam war, Obama appears to have been dipped in the river Styx.

He is pretty much anti-war-protest-proof.

No dark jowels, articulate, determined to pursue the war effort in the Middle East, and stubborn as a jack-ass, Obama is not supine prey for anti-war protestors, who will have to get much more testy with the commander-in-chief than they appeared to be at Wesleyan if they hope to accomplish their aims.

And then too, Obama is the better organizer; and he’s married to Michelle, lives in a big white house, has two cute kids and a dog and lots of friends in the media who are kindly disposed towards him – a hard row for the Anti’s to plow.

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