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Steyn Pricks the Obamabubble

In a wonderfully literate preview of the Obama Era, Mark Steyn in National Review examines the pitfalls of Obamaism.

“And, whether or not we get a massive federal program of rural library construction, we seem certain to get an acceleration of the grim leftward ratchet effect:

“(a) more subordination of the dynamic part of the economy to arthritic government regulation;

“(b) more of the remorseless annexation of health care by government, until eventually the point about whether to move to a socialized system will be entirely moot;

“(c) more so-called tax cuts, a term the Democrats have successfully usurped to apply to nanny-state “credits” the government condescends to allow you in return for living your life the way they want you to;

“(d) federally funded preschool and a few other entitlements that will metastasize way beyond any attempted constraints and further deform the relationship between the citizen and the state;

“(e) continued incremental removal of citizens from the federal tax rolls, until round about 2012 a majority of American adults are paying no federal tax at all but are able to vote themselves more and more lollipops from the minority who do;

“(f ) a few small nothing peripheral Community Reinvestment Act–sized programs that nobody notices until, a decade or two and a couple of reforms later, they’ve mutated into a hideous wart-encrusted tail wagging an ever more tumor-ridden and cadaverous old pooch.”

Steyn reasons that what didn’t work for FDR will not work for Obama. It was the war, stupid, that ended the depression – all the hard cash we collected from our allies in return for armaments – not FDR’s spending spree.

Before the citizens of Lincoln's America shell out any more hard cash to the titians in congress, they should be forced to read, even at the point of a pistol, Steyn's "It's Raining Money."


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