Saturday, January 17, 2009

Bad Timing: Boy George’s Tribute to Obama

Put it down to a case of bad timing. Boy George, the hermaphroditic British singer, came out with a song tribute to President-elect Barack Obama, "Yes, We Can," just at the point when he was sentenced to 15 months in the slammer for having handcuffed a male escort to a wall, whom he then beat with a chain – no way to treat a lady, let alone a male escort.

According to Sky News:

“The former Culture Club frontman imprisoned Audun Carlsen during a drug-fuelled naked photoshoot at his flat in east London.

“Sentencing the musician - real name George O'Dowd - the judge at Snaresbrook Crown Court said he was guilty of "gratuitous violence".

“The judge also condemned his "premeditated", "callous", and "degrading" actions which "traumatised" his victim.

“Norwegian Mr Carlsen, 29, fled in his underpants and alerted police after the attack, in April 2007."

Mr. Carlsen escaped the flogging in his underwear. By Hollywood standards, it’s no big thing.


Anonymous said...


Does Boy George have both male and female sexual organs? Can you direct your readers to proof that he does?

Or do you not know the definition of "hermaphrodite" and are simply parroting the ignorance being spouted in freeperworld?

Hint: if you want to have an credibility, it pays to look up those big words before you use them.

Don Pesci said...

The word is an adjective. I am not saying that Boy George is a hermaphrodite, in which case he would display the organs of both males and females. The earlier meaning of the expression “bi-sexuality" (an “attraction to both sexes”) was “hermaphrodidic.” Krafft-Ebing translated it as “bisexual” in 1892. If I had said that Boy George was “girlish,” I would not be saying that he has the internal organs of a girl, because I am nit saying he is a girl? Language is metaphorical. But thanks for the comment.

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