Monday, January 05, 2009

Ann Coulter Move Over

The best lede of the new month award goes to David Kahane of National Review OnLine.

Can you believe it? Barack Hussein Obama II hasn’t even been inaugurated yet and he’s already been interviewed by federal prosecutors in the ongoing Blago mess; he’s seen Bill Richardson immolate himself rather than stand the federal grand-jury scrutiny that would have come with his appointment as Commerce Secretary; his boy Rahm Emanuel is both en pointe, having resigned the House seat that was previously warmed by Hot Rod and Dan Rostenkowski, and, apparently, on Patrick Fitzgerald’s tapes too; and he’s facing the prospect of the Senate Majority Leader, Harry Reid, standing like a homunculus George Wallace in the schoolhouse door, ready to deny entrance to a black man when Roland “We Are the Senator” Burris tries to take Bambi’s hardly-even-used seat tomorrow…

And then Mr. Kahane, disguising himself as a proud Democrat, races through the history of the Democrat Party, mentioning along the way Tammany Hall, a Democrat Party institution, Charlie Rangle, the Obama ejected Bill Richardson, Blago, all currently being investigated, Bill Clinton’s cigar, other corruption erruptions, and caps the pudding with this cherry:

Best of all, we are the party of the ineffable Christopher Dodd (D., Countrywide), another recent “presidential candidate” who in appearance and demeanor is a throwback to the great days of Tammany mugs. It was Dodd, the chairman of the Senate Banking Committee, who got a sweetheart mortgage deal as a “Friend of Angelo” Mozilo, the disgraced former head of Countrywide Financial; Dodd who steadfastly denied that Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac were in trouble — perhaps his status as the No. 1 recipient of their campaign largesse had something to do with his unshakeable faith in them; and Dodd who has promised to release the paperwork concerning his hinky mortgages but, of course, hasn’t.

Still, as the Connecticut Post recently editorialized: “[Dodd] says there was nothing untoward about the mortgage rate he received from Countrywide Financial, a company that was heavily involved in the nationwide mortgage collapse. He feigns indignance each time the issue is raised. But he can make the questions stop easily. All he has to do is release documents on two mortgages from Countrywide, each of which seemingly came in with interest figures below the going rate. As chairman of the Senate Banking Committee, he should have long ago put this issue to rest.”

But what’s the rush? Like one of the patron saints of Tammany Hall, Richard “Boss” Croker, Dodd’s little tin box has bought him a fine getaway estate in the Ould Sod. Dodd’s little manse in County Galway ought to come in handy when the Senate “Ethics” Committee starts closing in.

Quite a performance.


Anonymous said...

And why has the media stopped talking about Dodd's refusal to release his mortgage documents. Mark Davis prides himself on being "Chief Political Correspondent" yet he's backed away. He is fun to watch... reminds me of Ted Knight in all his pompous glory

Don Pesci said...

My guess is that they've been exhausted by Dodd's ebullience. They’re only on the point because if they don’t rush at him from time to time they will lose credibility, and they need that to attack Republicans.

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