Sunday, January 11, 2009

The Fishwrap

It’s Sunday, January 29 of the New Year 2009 and former Governor John Rowland still had no plans to ask his friend, departing President George Bush, for a pardon, according to two scriveners for the Hartford Courant. And current senator-for-life Chris Dodd still has not released details concerning his sweetheart mortgage from the defunct Countrywide; maybe next year. Pravda is predicting an ice age. President-elect Barack Obama, no Andy Jackson he, got 90% 0f the dough for his lavish inaugural from what the Wall Street Journal is pleased to call “well heeled fundraisers.” The notorious Governor of Illinois, Rod Blagojevich, was finally impeached by the notorious state House of Representatives, and it is expected he will be tried in the senate and booted from office. Obama’s choice for attorney general, Eric Holter, has run into a buzzsaw, not that anyone noticed. Scorned Sen. Joe Lieberman is showing signs of rehabilitation, though he’s still on the outs with disgruntled bloggers. Colin McEnroe has left the building, and knockout Natalia Vodianova threatens to melt Al Gore's icicles. New Speaker of the state House Chris Donovan prefers to rule rather than debate. And the Bush presidency ends in a few days, whereupon Eden will descend upon us.

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