Sunday, April 20, 2008

Sunday Morning Blues

Although bitter – because Connecticut is no longer an economic powerhouse -- Jonathan Pelto, Democrat wunderkind, has not yet moved out of state to, say, South Carolina, where low taxes and rational government have caused many Connecticut companies and former taxpayers to move south.

Actually, what Pelto is not telling us is that Connecticut has lost its economic prominence because the taxes and regulations that Pelto so often has supported finally has emptied the cupboard. There is but one jar of peanut butter left in this bare ruined house – millionaires – and Democrats are anxious to wolf it down. The increase in Connecticut’s budget – from a modest $7.5 billion in the pre income tax glory days of the late departed Bill O’Neill to around (What’s a billion or two among friends?) 16 billion today – certainly has not kept pace with the increase of Pelto’s salary, wherefore he is bitter.

Pelto worked like a demon to push all that money through the pipeline that connects the state budget to people’s wallets – and the result is: He is bitter at the result.

Poor darling.

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