Monday, April 28, 2008

Oversight? Come Again?

The Hartford Courant did not report on Pope Benedict’s mass at Yankee Stadium on the Monday following the mass, and some readers noticed the non-report, according to the paper’s ombudsman Karen Hunter.

“One reader said, ‘Shame on The Hartford Courant. The only newspaper in the country that opted to put something about the priest and had nothing about the pope's visit yesterday. I'd like to know who is responsible. As far as I'm concerned, I am going to write a letter to the editor. I'm going to write a letter to several other newspapers. And I say, I would love to know who was in charge of not putting one . . . go on the Internet see the front pages of all the other newspapers in the country. Shame on The Hartford Courant.’"

“A North Branford reader said, ‘I can not believe that I pick up The Courant and there's nothing about the pope. Not only is he a religious leader, he's a head of state. I can't comprehend that your paper did this. . . . People above you made some very, very bad decisions.’”

Returning a call from a third complaintant, Hunter informed the reader “that at the 4 o'clock news meeting Monday, Assistant Managing Editor Paul Spencer said the lack of a story about the pope at Yankee Stadium was an oversight.”


Well, at least she called back.

Courant consumer watchdog George Gombossy may want to investigate which planet Courant editors were visiting while the Pope was saying mass at Yankee Stadium, the most well attended event in the Stadium’s history

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The Real Bob Anthony said...

I've always suspected those at the Koran't were also members of Red Sox Nation!

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