Thursday, April 17, 2008

McCain, Lieberman Eaten By Liberal Cannibals Oberman, Fineman

Liberal cannibals are after Sen. Joe Lieberman… again...

Colin McEnroe has suggested on his blog “To Wit” that Sen. Joe Lieberman and Sen. John McCain have entered into a homo-erotic relationship.

On his blog, “What He Did For Love,” McEnroe wrote about the two: “You could probably substitute the word ‘strip’ for ‘star’ in this headline ["Lieberman willing to star at Republican convention"] and not be inaccurate. Actually, you could probably substitute a lot of words. And no, I am not inviting you to try in the comment field.

“Still, there must be a little wistfulness on Larry Craig's part when he looks over there and murmurs to himself, ‘All I really want is what John and Joe have.’”

Craig, it will be remembered, is the senator from Idaho with the wide stance who was caught in a compromising position by the vice squad in a men’s room. It has been suggested, gently, that he has gay tendencies.

Former sports reporter Keith Oberman on his show "Countdown," tried to wheedle Howard Fineman, Newsweek's senior Washington Correspondent and columnist, senior editor and deputy Washington Bureau Chief, into asserting that Lieberman's support of McCain would not be good for his career.

Fineman said Lieberman was a hapless creature who did not “move a lot of votes.” Picking a small bone with Oberman, Fineman thought it was not fear but bitterness that caused what Oberman perceived to be a personality change in Lieberman after 9/1.

Bitterness has been much in the news lately, but neither of the MSNBC newsmen suggested that the now "bitter" Lieberman will assuage his false consciousness through a reliance on religious prescriptions, and neither suggested Lieberman was any time soon due to rush out and buy guns.

The latest poll by Yahoo indicates that someone – perhaps the God of Abraham and Jesus, certainly not Lieberman – is moving votes in McCain’s direction.

The poll shows McCain drawing votes from both badly wounded Democrat presidential candidates, which very likely will cause bitterness among Lieberman hunters Fineman and Oberman.

The good news is that God works in mysterious way, and their bitterness may lead them to a more comprehensive appreciation of the role religion plays in American life, not to mention foreign policy.

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