Sunday, September 02, 2007

A Word Of Advice To Mrs. Craig, From One Who's Been There

"It's very painful to know that you've been betrayed by the person you love, the person you trust. And it's equally painful when you have the rest of the world, who doesn't know what you're feeling, what your relationship is like, criticizing you for taking certain actions" -- Matos McGreevey

Matos McGreevey, the wife of former New Jersey Gov. James McGreevey, the nation's first openly gay governor, knows whereof she speaks.

She was hit in the face with her husband’s infidelities three years ago.

"I had 48 hours, 72 hours to try to make sense of what he was telling me," she said in a recent interview. Stunned by quickly unfolding events and standing at her husband’s side when he announced before TV cameras that he was "a gay American" and would resign, McGreevey has made a full recovery.

She is in the process of kicking her treacherous and smooth as butter husband to the curb. Locked in a contentious divorce proceeding with the former governor, McGreevey said the relationship expired once her husband came out. She said she is moving on, even dating, but has lasting issues trusting others.

The ex-governor also has opened a new page in his life. According to a “myway” report, “Jim McGreevey, 50, will begin full-time studies at General Theological Seminary of the Episcopal Church in Manhattan, seminary spokesman Bruce Parker said Friday.”

In his studies, Jim may want to steer clear of Leviticus.

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