Thursday, September 06, 2007

Hillary’s Choice

Maybe corruption is like a disease. If you are afflicted with it enough in small doses, you develop immunity from it. So it seems with the Clinton’s. According to reports from Canada, Bill still has an eye out for worshipful women who sort of resemble a kinder and gentler Hillary; what is it with Bill and blondes? He is at least as horney as JFK, probably more so, though it is not recorded that JFK ever assaulted or groped recent widows in the White House kitchen. Bill is now being celebrated for a book he wrote “On Giving,” although there is nothing in his charity reports while president to suggest that he personally was over fond of it. And then, there’s Larry Craig, heavily criticized by those on the left who think the Republicans love to fall asleep with corruption on the pillow next to them, quickly jettisoned by Republicans, and now the subject of revisionist thinking by Democrats and their cheerleaders in the press who would like to use his corpse in a campaign against moralistic Republicans. Only in America. What is the chance that Bill, on a book tour peddling “On Giving,” will be accosted by a reporter and asked to dilate on the moral delinquency of Craig? Plus, Hillary’s bagman, the mysterious Mr. Hsu (e'scuse me!) went over the wall… Plus she’s being sued by Peter Paul… Peter Paul who, you may ask? Never mind. Go back to sleep. Amazing.

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