Saturday, September 29, 2007

The Vanguard Would Like To Speak With You

In a blog written some time ago last June, I stressed the importance of the Yankee Institute to Republican prospects in Connecticut.

The problem with Republican non-visionaries, I noted, is that they were content with second place status:

“Some would argue that, moderate to the core, Republicans are in danger of disappearing as an effective opposition because they are, literally, inoffensive; which is to say, they have no offensive plan… There are plenty of distinctively Republican ideas out there, many of them presented here in Connecticut by the Yankee Institute and other libertarian to conservative idea factories… Republicans were left flat-footed this year when Democrats proposed to make the state’s income tax more progressive, a notion long pursued by the party that was featured, unchallenged by Rell, in the gubernatorial contest. Even now, the governor’s office has offered no principled opposition to the idea. The state’s surplus, the Republican Party has argued, has rendered increases in the income tax unnecessary. An unprincipled opposition tied to surpluses will disappear when surpluses vanish though improvident spending.

“Ideas would go a long way in enlarging the footprint of the Republican Party in the state.

The Yankee Institute is not only burbling with ideas; it is exploding with young new talent such as Sue Lavelli-Hozempa, the Yankee Institute’s Policy Advocate. From now through December, Lavelli-Hozempa, an articulate spokeswoman for winning Republican ideas, will be available to speak to Republican Town Committees. Meetings may be arranged by contacting Sue at:

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Anonymous said...

I have heard Sue speak, she is wonderful and full of very important and vital information. Sue helped us understand school choice and is more than willing to help us figure out how to implement.

If you haven't taken advantage of her time and expertise, you should. She is worth every minute.

Mary Ann Turner, Enfield GOP Chairman

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