Wednesday, September 12, 2007

The Lieberman Paradigm

It’s almost too funny for words. In the bad old days, Lieberman, defeated in a primary by the party endorsed candidate, Ned Lamont, went on to engage Lamont in a general election. Prior to that election, Lieberman was raked over the coals by the Lamontistas for having traduced his party. They were hurling some pretty nasty thunderbolts at Lieberman during the dark days of his party defection.

Fast forward: Chris Caruso – who has managed during his career in politics to define himself as the anti-machine candidate – decides to contest the machine (read: party) candidate in a primary mayoralty contest in Bridgeport. He loses in what has been called a squeaker of a race.

He has said he will not contest the primary, unlike Lieberman. But his supporters, the same crew that dumped on Lieberman, have fastened on Caruso as the more left-leaning, less corrupt candidate. And they are urging him to run against the Democrat Party nominee and primary winner, Bill Finch, who is “corrupt” only by association: Finch is a member in good standing of the Bridgeport Party “machine,” which is corrupt; therefore, he is corrupt.

One anti-Lieberman, pro-Caruso enthusiast puts it this way: “With so much crap going on, and such a few % of Bridgeport actually voting, I think Caruso has a duty to the people of the Park City to give them a choice come November. The 4200 people who voted for Finch represent but the fringe, Dem crony element within Bridgeport. Honest to God. Finch won with less than 52% of the vote. And less than 1 in 14 Bridgeport voters actually voted…”

The moral of the story — if there can be any morals in the politics of the left -- the politics of personal destruction, as Hilary Clinton might put it – is: Where there is a will, there is a way. And one should not permit one’s conscientious scruples to overcome one’s political ambitions.


Caruso himself has not yet said he would contest the primary in a general election. But Caruso is contesting the primary, citing polling irregularities and threatening court action. "It is almost as if we are operating in a third world country," Caruso said in an interview following the primary.

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