Thursday, May 13, 2010

McMahon Hits Blumenthal In Radio Ad

Politico reports that U.S. senatorial hopeful Linda McMahon is launching a radio spot against Attorney General Richard Blumenthal, the likely Democratic nominee vying for U.S. Senator Chris Dodd’s seat.

“The spot features a man and woman discussing Blumenthal's decision to accept money from political action committees for his Senate campaign. Says the man: ‘Dick Blumenthal, the guy that rejected all special interest money and said he’s never taken PAC money, is now taking special interest PAC money. Over $200,000 of it already.’ The woman replies: ‘You know, every day Dick Blumenthal sounds more and more like a career politician.’ The narrator jumps in: ‘Dick Blumenthal must think Washington can never have enough career politicians that say one thing then do another.’ And scene.
Blumenthal, the perennial favorite among Democrats for governor or U.S. senator for nearly as long as he has been attorney general, surprised no one when he leapt into the breech soon to be left vacant by Dodd.

In a debate with Democrat Merrick Alpert, Blumenthal appeared to show a few rust spots in his delivery. Asked by Alpert how his many suits brought against Connecticut businesses helped to generate jobs by leveling the playing field.

Attacking Blumenthal just before the Republican nominating convention will send a positive signal to delegates who will be asked to choose between McMahon and Rob Simmons, a Republican also vying for the seat.
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