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First Ukraine, Then Taiwan, Then the World

Ukraine, Holodomor, 1933


Communist Parties both in China and Russia appear to be on the move, and their moves are in large part military.

According to an Associated Press story, here updated,  that appeared in Saturday’s Hartford Courant -- print edition cost, $5.50 – the U.S. intelligence behemoth has sprung a leak. U.S. officials “have determined that Russian planning is underway for a possible military offensive against Ukraine that could begin as soon as early 2022 and would include an estimated 175,000 personnel” according to an unnamed administrative official, perhaps a conscience stricken military functionary.

The news that Vladimir Putin would like to reassemble the Soviet Union should come as no surprise to Western intelligence. The loss of Soviet bloc nations to the West and the collapse of the Soviet Union, Putin has often said, is the "greatest geopolitical catastrophe of the last century."

The real architect of the Soviet Union was, of course, Joseph Stalin – “breaker of nations.” Stalin was dethroned in the public imagination shortly after Nikita Khrushchev, then the Czar of all the Russias, persuaded the 20th Communist Party Congress to censure Stalin. An astonished U.S. Ambassador later wrote of Khrushchev’s speech during the final hours of the Congress that Khrushchev had “unmasked Stalin as the instigator of the terror of the 1930s, when millions were shot to death; as a coward who was paralyzed by fear at the time of the Nazi invasion; as a stupid military strategist, who sent thousands of troops to senseless deaths; as a supreme egotist, who rewrote books to glorify himself.”

Among the millions NOT shot to death were Ukrainians, who were starved to death in a famine, the Holodomor, arranged by Stalin that, Robert Conquest told the world shortly after, had carried off 8 to 10 million souls. This writer has written about Stalin’s man made famine here in Famine, Lies, Justice and Ukraine.

Khrushchev was known in Stalin’s day as “the butcher of Ukraine,” which then, as now, is geographically the doorway to the Balkans and Poland. Stalin and Hitler, two totalitarian peas in a pod, together were able, quite literally, to wipe Poland off the map of Western Europe.

One of the most effective of Stalin blinkered apologists in the U.S. was the infamous British born Walter Duranty, star reporter for the New York Times who had written approvingly  about Stalin’s blood soaked 5 Year Plan to bring the Soviet union up to par with Western mercantile and agricultural policy, for which Duranty was awarded a Pulitzer Prize. This writer has written about Duranty’s perfidies here in Himes, Blumenthal, Ukraine And The Soviet Re-Union, as well as Malcolm Muggeridge’s estimation of the Moscow based New York Times journalist. Muggeridge, a fellow British Moscow journalist who managed to break the story of the Holodomor by smuggling out of Stalinist Russia in British diplomatic pouches his firsthand accounts of the famine and its deadly aftermath, said that Duranty was the most accomplished pathological Pulitzer Prize winning liar he had ever known.

Two members of Connecticut’s all Democrat U.S. Congressional Delegation, Blumenthal and Representative Jim Himes, seemed to have had in their heads a fairly comprehensive understanding of the past history of Ukraine and Russia when they met with Ukrainians at St. Vladimir's Ukrainian Catholic Cathedral back in 2014, according to a piece in the Stamford Advocate.

The Ukrainian Parliament had voted to impeach Russian pawn, President Viktor Yanukovych, and set new presidential elections for May 25.

"The senator and I" Himes said, referring to his traveling companion, U.S. Senator Dick Blumenthal, "are thrilled to be able to take a moment this morning at this very momentous and frightening time for the Ukraine to be here to express our solidarity and support for the people of the Ukraine and our unwavering support for the principle that people not just in the United States but around the world will always have the right to determine the way in which they are governed.”

Days after Himes and Blumenthal commiserated with the Ukrainian churchgoers, Putin’s Russia annexed Crimea in Ukraine. Although it had not been noted in many of the stories following Putin’s territorial grab, Crimea had been more or less re-deeded to Ukraine by Khrushchev, the “butcher of Ukraine” and a Ukrainian himself, who perhaps had been suffering from pangs of conscience.

Today, the Biden administration is stretched pleadingly, diplomatically, at the feet of Putin and Chinese Communist overlord Xi Jinping, both successful maximum leaders, according to former Republican President Donald Trump, now in political limbo. Biden, the nominal head of the national Democrat Party, the anti-hero of Afghanistan, has, so far, whispered in Putin’s ear that, should the 175,000 “personnel” marshaled on Ukraine’s border do to Ukraine what  Putin and the Russian military previously had done to Crimea, there would follow repercussions, diplomatic no doubt, while Ukraine once again sinks beneath the waves.

Biden surrender monkey, Secretary of State Anthony Blinken, has already advised Ukraine not to engage in provocative acts in the face of Russian aggression, according to the Washington Post: “In his comments in Latvia, Blinken cautioned the Ukrainians not to give Russia a pretext for military action. ‘We’re also urging Ukraine to continue to exercise restraint because, again, the Russian playbook is to claim provocation for something that they were planning to do all along,’ he said.”

What we may see in reality is a replay of the Crimea annexation by Putin’s Russia and, in the far East, a replay in Taiwan of Xi Jinping’s annexation of Hong Kong.

Both maximum leaders have already taken the measure of Afghanistan’s anti-hero, Biden, and found him wanting. As Ukraine is abandoned more and more by the freedom loving West, and as large chunks of it disappear down the throat of the Russian bear, it seems doubtful that Connecticut Congressional sympathizers will move the Congress to effective political action. Along the way, the times – they are a ‘changing – may be able to cough up in Connecticut a few Durantes to sooth the raw nerves of Connecticut’s Ukrainians.


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