Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Trump And His Enemies

Guest blog By Sean Murphy

This is the last part of a three blog piece

The amount of animus since President Donald Trump has taken office is of record proportions. 

The question is: is the problem Donald Trump or what he stands for and who he stands against? 

The answer is the latter. 

Donald Trump defied all political wisdom to win the Republican nomination and then the presidency.  He is a businessman who demands and produces results.  Politics is about talking about the issue, making your base think you support them (the Republicans excel at unfulfilled promises), and raising a lot of money for your side.  There is no money, no high paying lobbying or campaign jobs in a resolved problem. 

Donald Trump won because he found a customer base that was not being served.  That customer is blue collar workers in the Midwest in states like Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan, and Wisconsin.  In these areas, Obama era environmental regulations and decades long global outsourcing left a lot of Americans with no jobs. 

There was a Democrat “strategist” whose name I do not recall who stated the reason why Hillary Clinton lost is because the Democrats were so focused on their politics that they forgot the average American was trying to put food on the table.  She was right.  The ruling elites, of both political parties, in this country are so far removed from what life is like on Main Street.  Nor do they care about our plight.  It is a good thing the bailouts saved Wall Street’s Hamptons’ homes. 

There are billions of dollars at play in the existing Washington DC Swamp.  The people making this money know Donald Trump is out for them.  They rightfully feel their livelihood is threatened.  Given how they manipulate the system for their own gain, they will do anything to protect their way of life.  Anything and everything will go. 

People are outraged over payments from Candidate Donald Trump, but do not complain about the $17 million paid out to settle sexual harassment claims against Congressmen. 

Leftists destroyed Donald Trump’s star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame while ignoring Bill Cosby and Kevin Spacey. 

What about all the former law enforcement officials (such as Robert Mueller and James Comey) who cash in their classified access for millions?  President Trump wants to put an end to that practice.  Apple cart upset. 

I can spend days showing the hypocrisy in politics.  That however is not the point. 

I have witnessed this first hand in my time in politics.  “Everybody’s got a price.”   You can see it in Connecticut and in every state, as well as nationally.  Ron Paul was right that we have had a one party club for decades. 

We have reached a point as a society where anything and everything goes.  We see example after example where Trump supporters are violently attacked for being Trump supporters.  Breitbart stopped at 555 almost a month ago.  We saw this in California with a high school student ripping a MAGA hat off a classmate’s head because she did not like it.  We have lost a civil society when behavior like this is allowed to go on.  This type of behavior is never acceptable for any reason at any time. 

The Democrats, the media, Big Business, Big Tech, Hollywood and the entertainment industry will gang up because Donald Trump threatens their entire existence. 

He however has nothing to lose and really does not care whether they like him or not.  The irresistible force will meet the immovable object.  Grab the popcorn because we are in for one heck of a show. 

Sean Murphy is a Connecticut political activist.

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