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Dannel Daedalus Gets Antsy

It’s now official, though it may take some time for Governor Dannel Malloy’s message to trickle down to the members of Connecticut’s all Democratic U.S. Congressional Delegation: “I understand this frustration,” Malloy said. “I’m frustrated. I think the federal government has messed up big time. This couldn’t have been a worse rollout, except in the states that embraced what we’re trying to do. In Connecticut, we're signing up people left and right.”

Mr. Malloy’s “rebuke of the White House over Obamacare” may be found in a short piece in CTMirror, “Malloy rebukes White House over Obamacare.”

Mr. Malloy’s rebuke, it should be noticed, does not touch the essence of the Affordable Care Act, more popularly known as Obamacare. The act itself, he thinks, is praiseworthy, but its execution leaves much to be desired – unlike Mr. Malloy’s own flawless roll-out of the Connecticut Obamacare exchange.

Right from the get-go, Mr. Malloy stepped boldly, even eagerly, on the Obamacare plank. Unforeseen – actually, they were foreseen – technical problems arose, called “glitches” by the White House, and the roll-out flopped so dramatically that even President Barack Obama’s Stakhanovite supporters, as well as the president himself,  were forced to admit the Obamacare launch was an abject failure. The Daily Show’s Jon Stewart, for instance, was not amused.

“The bad” was on Mr. Obama, said Mr. Obama --  just before he tossed his problem to Mr. Malloy.

“They shifted their problem to me, and I don’t appreciate it,” said Mr. Malloy, according to CTMirror.

The problem shift occurred when Mr. Obama, under pressure from former President Bill Clinton to keep his often stated promise that the little folk could keep their insurance policies if they liked them, kept his promise, causing supporters in blue states such as Mr. Malloy’s considerable agita.

Obamacare was all along designed to shift people out of their preferred insurance plans into Obamacare. The forcible push towards Obamacare was to follow on an insistence that insurance companies deep-six plans considered “substandard” by the new insurance mavens in the Obama administration. Under pressure to abandon plans that, for instance, did not require men to purchase maternity coverage, the insurance companies bowed to White House pressure and canceled their so called “substandard” plans. In point of fact, the substandard plans were designed to appeal to a diverse marketplace: In the real marketplace outside the walls of the Washington D.C. Beltway, needs determine the nature of sellable products; inside the Beltway, political considerations determine public needs.

When Mr. Obama, purely for political reasons, caved under pressure from Mr. Clinton and numberless incumbent Democratic Congressmen whose seats would have been threatened by broken promises, the diverse plans abandoned by the insurance companies could not, purely as a practical matter, be restored. Humpty Dumpty had already fallen from the wall. The insurance companies also had ventured far out on the Obamacare plank, along with Mr. Malloy. What drew them there was an artful measure in the Obamacare law that would force young people by means of monetary penalties to purchase insurance policies they did not need or want.

By restoring his promise – for a year only – Mr. Obama created a big problem.

The astute Obama-watcher will notice that this big problem – How is it possible to finance Obamacare if the president allows substandard policies, if only for a year, to remain, washing away the breakwater that prevents the monetizing of Obamacare? – is not a technical glitch. It is essential to the success of Obamacare.

One supposes that Mr. Malloy and the Malloyalists, the brightest brains ever assembled in Connecticut to assist Mr. Malloy in re-inventing what used to be called “the insurance capital of the world,” understand all this better than more pedestrian geniuses.  But it simply is not in the political interests of Democratic Party power brokers in Connecticut publicly to notice big problems. And so, all the political chatter is of technological glitches foisted by imbecilic federal agents upon a Democratic regime in Connecticut that now feels it must put some distance between itself and a technologically incompetent president whose vision – the radical readjustment of a sixth of the U.S. economy – remains, never-the-less, doable.

This unearthly hubris is a larger problem still; it torched the wings of Daedalus and may yet incinerate the ambitions of progressive utopianists in Connecticut. It will not dissipate until the architects of disaster are removed from office.


peter brush said…
Dear Congressman Larson:
It is apparent at this point that not only is the Obamacare "roll-out" a disaster, not only is the cute little web-site non-functional, but millions of people are losing their insurance policies and doctors. And, it is clear that next year millions more who presently get their insurance through their employers will lose their policies as well. It is theoretically possible that some of the people losing their insurance will get cheaper and better policies to replace it. But, who is the Federal Government, who are you a mere U.S. Representative, who is President Obama to compel individuals to lose their present contracts or to purchase new ones? It is perplexing to me why you vote with your party (what seems like) 100% of the time. Two things are true. You have some concern for the people, the free-born, autonomous individuals of your district. And, you will win any election for that seat that you chose to enter. Accordingly, I urge you to do the right thing. Please vote to repeal this horrible misnamed Affordable Care Act. It is doing tremendous damage to our society now, and is unlikely to ever fix the problems of our society you deemed emergent. Thanks very much for your consideration.
Peter Brush
peter brush said…
Dear Speaker Boehner:
I am not necessarily opposed to legislation that would seek to "fix" Obamacare. I agree with you, however, that it needs to be repealed in its entirety. I am probably missing something; my understanding of legislative procedure or political strategy falls short of being comprehensive. At this point, it is apparent that the Democrats are waking up to the fact that the law is a complete and utter disaster. It is also apparent that they are not going to be able to cover up the inherent dishonesty of the so-called "law." It may be that they hope the chaos they've created in the insurance markets, the millions of people deprived of private contracts with insurance companies and their affiliated doctors, can be leveraged into a "single-payer" system, as was admitted by Hairy Reed recently. In the short run, however, they know their political asses are grass and the voters are the lawnmowers. Therefor, I urge you in the House to take yet another vote on complete repeal of the Obamacare monstrosity. Will such a vote in the House have any greater chance of success either in the Senate or the White House? Probably not, but if your previous votes have made your point a vote now will be more damaging to Democrats politically.
I admit, I believe impeachment of this President has been justified for a long time. I won't catalog Mr. Obama's transgressions here. Put aside recess appointments, Fast and Furious, IRS, NSA surveillance abuse,Benghazi,and his willful failure to enforce immigration laws. Obamacare was passed because of his mendacity. And, Justice Roberts' dishonest opinion to the contrary not withstanding, it falls way beyond any power granted to the Federal Government by our Constitution. Further, Mr. Obama has taken it upon himself to amend the law, grant waivers to favored constituents, delay its implementation; i.e., he is acting outside of Constitution's limits on executive action and failing to enforce our law, such as it is. Finally, he appears willing to continue lying about what the program entails, appears unwilling to acknowledge that millions will lose employer-based insurance in the coming months, and appears unwilling to rectify the situation for the millions in the individual market who have lost their insurance already.
I realize that impeachment is a very heavy lift. But, if the actions of this President are not impeachable I suggest to you that very few actions are. The Founders would certainly have envisioned the impeachment process as appropriate for just this sort of person. So, what I would urge is that impeachment be taken up if and when the Senate fails to repeal or if and when the President vetoes a repeal act.
Thank you very much for your consideration.
Peter Brush
Hartford, Ct.
Don Pesci said…
Very well said Peter. I wish I could say either of them were listening.
peter brush said…
They may not read the letters sent to their offices, but I'm sure they read your blog.

John Larson sent me an e-mail yesterday. What's notable to me is that his reverence for JFK has nothing to do with the heritage of the country, the Constitution, the rule of law, or the oath of office. It's all hope and changey stuff.
Boehner wants money. I give him none; same amount he gives to folks like Michelle Bachman. After his disposal of the immigration reform matter I expect to want to give him less. I'd gladly send him $100 if he'd get busy and impeach our historically unfaithful malicious President.
John Kennedy is a hero because of the message he brought, the hope and dreams he inspired. He set a standard by which all successive presidents are measured. He united the country on the great issues of the day, guided the nation through crisis by calling on the American people to uplift their expectations, their goals, and their fellow man. It wasn’t hollow rhetoric or dazzling showmanship; it was sincere and compelling belief in the purpose of this country and its people.
Peter, this has to be a mistake.
Chairman Walden just sent me a list of NRCC members for 2013, and I don’t see your name.
Since the start you’ve been one of the NRCC’s most loyal supporters so this can’t be right.
It's not too late to join our efforts to create jobs, stop reckless Washington spending, and repeal the President's train wreck of a health care law:
Please don’t wait another moment. Renew your 2013 NRCC membership today with a gift of $25.
And if you renew by Friday at midnight I will triple your donation, so your gift of $25 will have an impact of $75.
John Boehner
Speaker of the House

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