Monday, July 11, 2011

The Wide Awake Media Dishes The General Assembly

Editorial Page Editor of the Journal Inquirer Keith Burris takes a hatchet to certain unnamed members of the General Assembly in a column first published in the Journal Inquirer and reprinted in the Hartford Business Journal : “Malloy came up empty. The legislature gave him zilch, nada, zippo.”
The bully pulpit is still available to the the governor: “He can take it to the people and ask the public to change the hearts, minds, and votes of the House Democrats.”

And if all else fails, Mr. Malloy, driven to desperate measures, can begin to consort with Republicans: “He can twist arms and try to turn enough Dems in the House, along with Republicans, to forge a working coalition for the modest things he wants to do.”

So far, minority Republicans in the General Assembly have been treated by both Mr. Malloy and Democratic leaders in Connecticut  – President of the Senate Don Williams and Speaker of the House Chris Donovan – as if they were loopy uncles locked in the attic.

Mr. Malloy, it appears, has not finished negotiating with union leaders and legislators who, according to Mr. Burris, unceremoniously stiffed him. Mr. Malloy’s capacity for abuse of a kind deplored by Mr. Burris appears to be inexhaustible. And it is not at all certain that the uncles in the attic will be willing to rescue Mr. Malloy from those in the General Assembly who have used the rope Mr. Malloy has given them to hang him.

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