Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Assistant State Attorney To Argue That Malloy-SEBAC Agreement Violates SEBAC's By-Laws

Even before the votes are cast by state union members on Governor Malloy’s slightly vevised Plan A, Lisa Herskowitz, a senior assistant state's attorney in Manchester, has issued a complait to the state Board of Labor Relations questioning the proposed agreemment, according to a story in the Connecticut Post:

“Herskowitz in her complaint to the labor board alleges SEBAC violated its own bylaws by agreeing to a two-year wage freeze, arguing the coalition's negotiating authority is limited to pensions and health care.

“She further argues SEBAC should not have reopened the existing pension and health-care agreement, which expires in 2017, without allowing union members to first vote to authorize SEBAC to renegotiate the deal. Rank-and-file approval should also have been sought in early July when SEBAC approached Malloy about reopening talks, Herskowitz said.”

The board has agreed to address the matter on August 3.


Sheryl Balsamo said...

Thank you Lisa for stepping up to plate!
State employees should have immediately filed a class action lawsuit as soon as the continued dirty SEBAC dealings announced the bylaws would be changed and the vote under existing bylaws would not count.A lawsuit should still be filed.
Should we change the voting rules and hold another gubernatorial election? If only we could. We need to vote out all current SEBAC bargaining members who voted yes. Over 3 million dollars annually are collected union fees. So this is the representation we recieve for our money? SEBAC leaders are buried in the bottom of Malloy's pocket! It is not surprising rules do not apply when dirty politics is involved. At no point in this process has SEBAC represented (someone please hand SEBAC leaders a dictionary) union members; only Malloy's interests. Dirty from the beginning when the budget was passed prior to a collective bargaining (apparently the meaning has been lost)agreement.

Anonymous said...


You are thr true candle in the wind...a lone voice speaking volumes for yourself and your union siisters & brothers who are so tired of being threatened, bullied, harrased & cohersed into voting yes for a SEBAC # 2 agreemnet that STILL has possibility of (after vote) backdoor inclusion of very much alice bill for SUSTINET. I am hoping Lisa's complaint to Ct labor board is upheld for full investigation and, meantime her suit - a stay or injunction is granted buy courts to STOP all this nonsense until issues are resolves TRUTHFULLY.....

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