Sunday, July 31, 2011

SEBAC Says News Media, Managers Sources Of Inaccurate Information

In a message to all its rank and file members, SEBAC, the coalition of union leaders authorized to dicker with the Malloy administration on contractual matters, reported:

“At the request of State Employees Bargaining Agent Coalition (SEBAC) union leaders, the Malloy Administration has moved to address conflicting information disseminated to some workers who recently received notice of layoff.”
Some members, according to the notice, have received inaccurate information spread – not by the Yankee Institute, which SEBAC reported to the attorney general’s office for having compromised it’s e-mail system – but “by news media sources and by some agency managers.” Attorney General George Jepsen a few days ago released a report finding that the SEBAC complaint was without merit.
“The directive was necessary,” SEBAC reported on its propaganda site, “because not only have some state managers disseminated inaccuracies about rescinding layoffs, many in the news media have reported myths and distortions about state employees and the tentative agreement.”

Mr. Malloy obliged by supplying a clarifying statement sent by SEBAC to rank and file members who will shortly be voting on Plan A2.

Although the SEBAC site still carries the item reporting its request to the attorney general that the Yankee Institute be prosecuted for having illegally commandeered the state’s e-mail system in order to ventilate its views, the site does not include in full Attorney General George Jepsen’s finding, but then propaganda sheets are not bound by the constraints of responsible journalism.

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