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The Rell Frog March: Blumenthal Has A Game Plan

John Lender of the Hartford Courant is reporting that Attorney General Richard Blumenthal, a partisan Democrat who was mentioned in a focus group discussion conducted by soon to be disgraced professor Ken Dautrich of UConn, is progressing quite nicely with his “investigation” of Republican governor Jodi Rell.

Apparently, Blumenthal possesses indeterminate powers that allows his office to to seize the assets and property of the victims he plunders through the misuse of fatally flawed affidavits. G-d only knows what other extraordinary powers this man commands.

Blumenthal told Lender, “"We do have a game plan.”

Blumenthal has not-exactly-subpoenaed “scores of documents in an investigation of whether a University of Connecticut professor's $223,000, taxpayer-funded study on government efficiency was misused to provide political advice to Gov. M. Jodi Rell.”

Instead, the intensely partisan attorney general has sent out what is called “a demand letter” to Rell. It is supposed she will comply with the demand letter.

When Blumenthal has finished assembling a huge cache of information from Rell and UConn, he will plop the load on a conference table, and his associates will comb through the mountain of raw data looking for any piece of political dirt that may be cherished and saved up for future political combat.

Blumenthal has often been mentioned by his party as a possible candidate for governor.

Is it not incredible that Blumenthal – who has his fingers in so many partisan political pies, and who could be called as a material witness in any real non-partisan investigation of Rell, since he was mentioned in the focus group discussion that spurred the investigation – should have been permitted to stick his nose so far into this particular political tent?

And is it not equally incredible that Jon Lender, a superb reporter, has not caught Blumenthal up on the point?


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