Saturday, November 07, 2009

Shays Points The Way

Keila Torres of the Connecticut Post reports that former U.S. Rep. Chris Shays, the last moderate Republican in New England standing – before he was knocked down by Democrat Jim Himes – is selling his house of ten years and has made a handsome profit on the sale.

The water side 12-room Colonial on Beacon Street was purchased in 1999 for $490,000, has an assessed value of $817,580 and is expected to sell for over a million.

Shays has fled with his wife to Maryland, so as to be near the beltway, where both are scraping by to keep bone and sinew knitted together.

"Yes, I'm selling the house on the water," Shays said last May. "The taxes are high and we are not really in a position to keep it."

Hmmm … yet another nutmegger driven from his hearth and home by joblessness and high taxes: A Greek comic of the Old School would see a strong note of irony in there somewhere.

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