Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Why the Obama Rescue Plan Is the Wrong Solution to the Wrong Problem

If President Obama is FDR, George Bush was Herbert Hoover

It didn't work For FDR either.


Anonymous said...

Obama's stimulus and universal health care plan is nothing more than a BAIL OUT for State Governments that are so HUGE, full of waste and corruption. Give the $$$$ to the PEOPLE and dismantle government to get back to governing and regulating and get OUT of the business of providing services as they cannot do it as effectively, efficiently or as economically as Private Industry. The Government CAN monitor and Regulate Private busines they just cann't regulate their own agencies due to political influence, nepotism and favoritism. The HUGE State Governments OPPRESS its citizens and the middle class that supports this burgeoning BEST is shrinking at alarming rates.

mccommas said...

I just finished a few moments ago an article in the Weekly Standard about Japan problems in the 1990's which looks a lot like ours. The info dude (the masculine version of the term info-babe) alluded to it but did not mention that the one thing that really seemed to help Japan was tax cuts.
Unfortunately they jacked up taxes just as they were starting to work and sent them back into recession again. Also Japan did the infrastructure thing with no success.
Also the info-dude did not give George Bush credit for his tax cuts. True, Bush did spend to much but he also cut taxes and that helped the economy. We would still be in good shape if not for the credit crunch and oil price spike.
We have a built in tax increase coming in 2010. It will be interesting to see what the liberals do.
What I will do is write my senators and congressman about this so called tax cut for people who don’t even pay taxes of which many don’t work at all I take it. That really makes me mad.
Call welfare welfare. Tax cuts are for people who actually pay taxes!

mccommas said...

On the second vid I wish Democrats would give Hover the credit he deserves for his plan that is a lot like their plan.

They paint him as a supply sider when in fact he did all the same things Roosevelt did. He got blamed for it merely because he was caught holding the bag.

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