Sunday, February 22, 2009

Hillary Clinton Not Arrested

The good news is that Secretary of State Hillary Clinton arrived home from her Chinese trip without having unduly upset Chinese leaders. The Chinese overlords are, after all, the custodians of much of the debt in the United States, which has increased precipitously after the inauguration of President Barack Obama.

The bad news is no walls came tumbling down. Life in China for Christians is just as nasty, brutal and short as it was before the courageous secretary of state set foot in the country. The feeling among some Christians is that if Hillary were a delegate to Rome in the days of Nero, she would have been talking to the engaging emperor about the weather, or climate change, studiously ignoring the strange goings on in the coliseum, where Christians were being harassed by lions and bears.

While Hillary was rattling her tin cut before the Chinese overloards, President Barack Obama was promising to present to the Democrat controlled US Congress a budget that cuts in half the national debt he has just increased precipitously though his stimulus program, which should please the political children of Chairman Mao who are holding the debt and whose patience is not inexhaustible. Obama plans to cut the debt by ending the war in Iraq, which is pretty much ended anyway, and levying a tax on millionaires, a prescription to liquidating debt that should please the Chinese, Hugo Chavez, Chris Dodd and the ghosts of Marx and Lenin.

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