Sunday, February 15, 2009

Dodd Finished?

In a rub-your-eyes editorial Sunday, The Hartford Courant has called upon US Sen. Chris Dodd, who has in more than 30 years in Washington “compiled a mostly lustrous record as a hardworking lawmaker,” to consider throwing in the sponge.

Low polls, the Courant writes should be sobering: “Quinnipiac’s latest polling yielded the senator's worst results ever. For the first time, more voters disapprove of Mr. Dodd's job performance than approve, and a majority say they are unlikely to support his re-election. By more than 2 to 1, respondents said they were dissatisfied with his Feb. 2 explanation of the refinancing with Countrywide. And, although 41 percent of those polled said they thought Mr. Dodd was honest and trustworthy, 42 percent said they thought he was not.”

The polls are “Bad enough to make a veteran politician think hard about whether to call it a day.”

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DirtyJobsGuy said...

Is the Tribune Bankruptcy finally getting the Courant interested in news reporting? The Dodd stuff is News and has been neglected until now on Broad street. Similarly there is a glimmer of understanding that the State is overdrawn and the Unions are a problem.

Of course Dan Haar is still business editor so all business news is completely absent or union shill pieces, but one can't expect miracles.

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