Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Bromage Does Fairfield

The bottom line of the Bromage report – here -- is that Governor Jodi Rell is suffering from sloth; in other words, she is decidedly unwilling to do things that may cost lots of money. At the end of the next session, there will be hoards in Connecticut, a state teetering on the brink of a $6 billion budget “shortfall,” who wish it may be so. Rell's critics should be asked to name three things they'd like the governor to do that would cost less money.

In “Missing in Action,” Bromage cites both former Governors John Rowland and Lowell Weicker as “do something” governors.

Not to defend Rell overmuch, but Weicker, cited as busy by Bromage, was indeed busy muscling Democrat and Republican legislators to pass an income tax.

Wicker, long an habitué of the US Senate, was not interested in state government and high tailed it out of office after his redistribution efforts paid off.

The Democrat controlled legislature, very grateful, went on to do what legislatures do – it spent the boodle. A surplus is by definition the amount of money the legislature has overtaxed its citizens. Jealous of these surpluses, the legislature was unwilling to return the overage to taxpayers once their fingerprints were on it.

All the “do somethings” were very busy indeed. When last heard from on the state budget, Weicker was howelling, “Where did it all go?” – all those surpluses.
Into the black hole me’boy. The truth is – and Bromage must know it – that the boys in the legislature like to spend money and jack up budgets. There’s a lot of hungry special interests out there, all FODs (Friends of Democrats) nibbling on Nutmegers’ wallets.

With a $6 billion deficit hovering over Connecticut, many hard-pressed taxpayers with empty pockets might be in favor of paying both the governor and the legislature to stay away from the Capitol next session. Give’em a ticket to Foxwoods, you know; let’em enjoy themselves, provided they stay there for a couple of sessions.

Just give us a break.

When these guys “work”, we pay.

So Bromage, who tends to wear his liberal Democrat affiliation on his sleeve, has been given a corner in a few publications, pretty much annexes of the Democrat Party, to ventilate about Rell’s reluctance to be bullied, more often than is necessary, by Amann, once considered a “fiscal conservative” and other spendthrifts. What else is new?

This week, the Rell went to Washington – gold plated tin cup in hand – to beg for money to meet the needs of her hobbled budget. She was not alone.

What we need is a little parody on all this, with Wicker, the ex-nutmegger, in the background screaming, “Where’d it all go!!!”

President Barack Obama dressed as Santa Claus (Santabama) and seated in a chair fit for a king awaits the governors of the United Sates. Rell, dressed as Oliver Twist, approaches diffidently, bowl in hand.

Rell: Please sir, more money…

Santabama: You must be little Jodi Rell from Connecticut. Odd to see you here Jodi, with that little gold plated bowl of yours. The last time I visited Connecticut all was well, especially among Gold-Coasters in Fairfield County. And then you have those casinos, all those one armed bandits. (To his chief Elf) Anything left? What are we up to now?

Elf: (Frantically punching numbers on his calculator, then frowning) $6 llion in handouts for the New Year.

Santabama” Ah well, its only money. So what do you need Jodi, another submarine maybe?

Rell: (Holding out her bowl) Please sir…

Santabama: (To the Elf) Just look at those pleading eyes, that Bo-Peep charm. It’s enough to chill the bones of a saint. We must do something!

Weicker: (Dressed as a paunchy parrot and hiding behind a flower pot) Where’d it all go. Where’d it all go. Where’d it all go.

Santabama: What’s this? A disturbance in the force. Something wrathful cleaves the air.

Rell: Pay him no mind sir. He is the ghost of income taxes past. (Batting her eyes) Please sir…

Santabama: My heart is breaking…

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