Friday, October 03, 2008

Loose Lips Harry

Loose lips sink ships, and not only during wars. Is it possible to imagine anything more stupidly destructive than this: Knowing that the economic ship is heading for the abyss, as Democrats never tired of reminding us during the late unpleasantness on Wall Street – the better to frighten you, my dears -- Harry Reid announces breathlessly that he has just come from a conspiracy session with other congreesional Wall Street beggars at which someone in the know assured him that a vary large insurer, a name that would be instantly recognized by anyone, is on the point of bankruptcy and will surely go broke if the bailout bill favored by Democrats is not passed instantly, or sooner than that. Democrats call this "the politics of fear."

And what happens in Connecticut, once the insurance capital of the world? The stocks of some of the state’s most prestigious insurance companies plummet.

Can Chris Dodd or John Larson or Rosa DeLauro or Joe Courtney or Chris Murphy be persuaded to stick a sock in this idiot’s mouth? If not, what are any of them good for? It is one to lose a war at this numskull's urging, quite another to lose an insurance company.

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