Friday, August 10, 2007

Moore Is Less

Kevin Leffler, who knew Michael Moore in High School, has made a documentary about the famous documentarian that very likely will not win the prestigious Palm D’Or award. He was interviewed by Brian Lamb of CNN early in August 2007.

A teaser from Leffer’s documentary, "Shooting Michael Moore," may be found here, courtesy of YouTube. And the full CNN interview may be found here.

In the interview with Lamb, Leffer describes an encounter between his daughter, then working for NBC, and Moore in which the famous documentarian – not the fierce defender of the First Amendment we all know and love from “Roger and Me,” “Farenheit 9/11” and, most recently, “Sicko” -- prevents the young lady from filming him at a public event and threatens to have her fired:

“She was - so she’s in her NBC shirt, NBC camera, and filming the Traverse City film festival, what we just saw. Mike comes up to her and puts his hand over the lens of the camera and says you can’t do anything for your dad, and she says this is for - this is for the network, I mean you’re news, and I’m not doing anything for my dad. And he says, no you can’t do this, and then he walks away, sends someone back, now this is a 22-year-old college student, and says if you do anything for your father, I’m going to make sure you get fired.”

Has anyone told Colin McEnroe about this?

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