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If I Only Had A Brain: Rove To Resign

Karl Rove is expected to resign at the end of August, according to a Wall Street Journal piece, at which point the Bush regime will deflate, for the Frankensteinian monster cannot continue without a brain.

That should be the view of most progressives, who have always insisted that Bush was towed forward by Rove, Bush’s brain. It very likely was the other way round, but then the truth was never a stumbling block to ideologues on the left.

Rove himself has a different opinion.

“In the interview, Mr. Rove said he expects Democrats to give the 2008 presidential nomination to Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton, whom he described as "a tough, tenacious, fatally flawed candidate." He also said Republicans have "a very good chance" to hold onto the White House in next year's elections.

“Mr. Rove also said he expects the president's approval rating to rise again, and that conditions in Iraq will improve as the U.S. military surge continues. He said he expects Democrats to be divided this fall in the battle over warrantless wiretapping, while the budget battle -- and a series of presidential vetoes -- should help Republicans gain an edge on spending restraint and taxes.”

On his own indispensability, Rove is cheerfully candid: "'I'm a myth. There's the Mark of Rove,' he says, with a bemused air. 'I read about some of the things I'm supposed to have done, and I have to try not to laugh.' He says the real target is Mr. Bush, whom many Democrats have never accepted as a legitimate president and 'never will.'"

However, it has always been impossible to determine in any opinion offered by Rove whether he was – poor brainless fellow – simply piping Bush’s tune or offering an independent analysis, and Paul Gigot’s commentary piece on the Rove announcement does not shed light on this question.


mccommas said…
His job is done with the White House. There is not much reason to stay.

Its on to the next thing with Rove.

And what will that be? I can't wait to find out.

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