Saturday, August 11, 2007

Gold Coast Turns Copper

A report in the Connecticut Post by Rob Varnon indicates that the population in Fairfield County – the killing fields for rapacious Democrats who want to plunder the rich, mostly in order to feather the nests of those who vote for them -- is dwindling.

Connecticut’s largest county lost population between 2005-2006. The population in the county has remained steady for the last several years only because the number of people moving out, carrying their plunderable wages with them, has been balanced by immigrants from abroad moving in.

Lisa Mercurio, the director of the Fairfield County Information Exchange, interprets the data cautiously. More than 10,000 people have out-migrated from Fairfield County in a single year; in 2000, the loss was only 1,200. The figures provided by the U.S. Census Bureau give no indication of the causes of the outflow, Mercurio said, but she pointed out that policy makers and business owners have cited the need for more affordable housing and transportation.

The most recent figures have not surprised chief economist with New Haven-based DataCorps Partners Donald Klepper-Smith.

The bloom, according to Klepper Smith, has been off the rose for some time.

“Fairfield County,” he said, “is starting to lose its luster.” Although the county had the highest per-capita income in the nation, he said, according to the Connecticut Post report, “people are starting to question what's the worth of living in communities with high taxes, high energy costs and bad traffic. There are other issues than earning a dollar.”

The rich and the wannabe rich, it would appear, have feelings too.

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