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All Too Human: The Life And Times Of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed

Progressives now have weighed in on Khalid Sheikh Mohammed.

Colin McEnroe, on his blog To Wit, wrote:

“I'm not sure I understand the prominent placement of all the Khalid Sheikh Mohammed. There was never much doubt that he played a huge a role in planning the 9/11 attacks. Hadn't he even boasted of that before capture?

“Now we've had him for four years. We've tortured him. He's confessed to the 9/11 crimes and a host of other plots, including the killing of Laura Palmer on 'Twin Peaks.' Why is this big news? He actually claims some remorse over civilian casualties. Which is more than I ever remember hearing, oh, for example, Bush say about what we are pleased to call 'collateral damage.' A sorry state of affairs when an evil terrorist mastermind seems to have more human perspective than the POTUS.

“Anyway, I saw '300' last night, and I'm pretty sure Xerxes is behind at least some of this stuff.”

Well now, let’s see. When Khalid Sheikh Mohammed sawed off Daniel Pearl’s head, an event celebrated by Islamic terrorists who produced a video that quickly made the rounds on the internet, this was “prominently reported.” Khalid Sheikh Mohammed testified, “I decapitated with my blessed right hand the head of the American Jew, Daniel Pearl, in the city of Karachi, Pakistan. For those who would like to confirm, there are pictures of me on the Internet holding his head." And when two planes plowed into the twin towers in New York, an event orchestrated by Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, this also was “prominently reported.” In fact, most of the handiwork of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed was “prominently reported” at one time or another. An early report in the American Spectator, not a favorite publication of those mentioned in this blog, fingered Khalid Sheikh Mohammed as the Middle East’s lead terrorist. Now prosecutors have released testimony from Khalid Sheikh Mohammed that details the bulk of the serial terrorist’s activities, including the murdering of innocent women and children, which he claims to regret, displaying, according to McEnroe, a “human perspective” superior to that of President Bush. So, why shouldn’t Khalid Sheikh Mohammed’s “human perspective” be “prominently reported?” Surely, this aspect of the sheik’s personality is news to everyone. Who would have guessed that the sheik, while sawing off Pearl’s head, had a tender side?

The Huffington Post noted that Khalid Sheikh Mohammed’s testimony aroused doubt among responsible commentators.


Nick said…
There are two possibilities here: either Mr. McEnroe believes what he has written, or he does not. If he believes what he has written he is to be rebuked for setting up this demonic fiend as the moral equal or superior of the "POTUS."

Because I wish to think the best of him, I choose to believe that Mr. McEnroe does not believe what he has written. His post therefore stands as just another example of how distasteful cleverness and irony become when they are seen as virtues in and of themselves.
Don Pesci said…
Probably more of the latter. You put it very well. Colin may be playing to the gallery just a bit also. We're all a little bit guilty of that. We all want our particular tribe to know that we are standing under their banner. McEnroe's tribe is a little rambustious.
Anonymous said…
I wonder if Colin's masters have told him to move to the Howard Stern model of generating listeners?

Hence the billboard, "Hate him, Love him, Just listen"?

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