Monday, September 20, 2010

Castro The Cuban Model

It seems as if Cuban dictator Fidel Castro has, in his dotage, become an anti-Castroite.

"The Cuban model,” Castro said recently, “doesn't even work for us anymore,” a sentiment that easily could have gotten the speaker a 20 year sentence in one of Castro’s prisons had he been anyone other than Castro.

George Will offers an analysis of the 84 year-old Marxist and one of his enablers, Jean Paul Sartre.

Will ends his column by calling for an end to the boycott of Cuba:

“Today, U.S. policy of isolating Cuba by means of economic embargoes and travel restrictions serves two Castro goals: It provides an alibi for Cuba's social conditions and it insulates Cuba from some of the political and cultural forces that brought down communism in Eastern Europe. The 11th president, Barack Obama, who was born more than two years after Castro seized power, might want to rethink this policy, now that even Castro is having second thoughts about fundamentals.”
All very well and good, but Will offers no answer to the all important question: What possible objection can Mr. Obama have to Castro’s anti-business model?
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