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Twitter vs. the Bidens

Hunter and Joe Biden -- 

Hunter Biden, President Joe Biden’s wayward son, fell over a political cliff when he -- inadvertently? -- left his laptop at a computer store, presumably for repairs. The compromising nature of the computer data, partly salacious but also containing sensitive communications implicating former Vice President Biden in a possible pay to play scheme involving foreign entities not friendly to the United States, induced the legally blind shop owner to contact the FBI concerning the compromising computer.

Hunter Biden, trading on his father’s name, was enriched, the laptop rested safely in FBI hands – end of story?

Alas, the whole business, all of which happened prior to a hotly contested presidential election,  proved to be a “tangled web” of the sort Walter Scott imagined when he penned the lines “Oh what a tangled web we weave/When first we practice to deceive.” 

After having had no response from the FBI, the shop owner wisely shared copies of the data with lawyers associated with President Donald Trump.

The computer files made their way to the New York Post, which published some of the politically hot data, as newspapers have been accustomed to do for centuries.

A case in point:   James Thomson Callender, an alcoholic journalist/pamphleteer published the news that the upstanding Thomas Jefferson had sired the children of one of his house slaves, Sally Hemings. Some scholars suppose that the children were fathered by one of Jefferson’s relatives.

Once friendly to Jefferson, Callender switched allegiance when he did not receive a political appointment he thought was his due. The widely circulated news did not end Jefferson’s distinguished political career, but it did make the papers and was used in political campaigns of the day. The splenetic Callender took to drink, and one night, after tippling at a bar, his body was found floating in Virginia’s James River.

There is little question that the sharp edge of the initial hot-topic Hunter Biden laptop story was ground down by hazy charges that the data taken from Hunter’s laptop was a Russian disinformation plant. Some would call such false charges a form of election fraud.

“The laptop,” the New York Post noted, “links President Biden to the foreign influence-peddling of his son Hunter and brother Jim Biden, but high-ranking former spy agency officials claimed before the 2020 election it was likely Russian disinformation, and the story was obligingly censored by Twitter and Facebook.

“It only took them 769 days” to notice what might have been discovered by recent journalism graduates working the political beat at the Associated Press -- i.e. that the data found on Hunter’s computer, most especially the emails first publicized by the Post showing Hunter Biden colluding with communist China and Russia, was the real deal.

Twitter, bought by billionaire Elon Musk, has since repented and, under Musk’s direction, printed many cross communications between Twitter officials and Bidenites that show undo pressure had been put on social media sites by powerful U.S. agencies. The evident purpose of the subtly intimidating hints by the FBI and others that the computer data was a Russian Communist Party disinformation campaign gave social media sites pause and the censorship knives came out of journalistic scabbards.

Truth be told – the matter was NOT the result of Russian disinformation. Serious money was passing between China, Russia, other corrupt international outposts and the President’s son. Hunter Biden has since taken up painting as an innocent pastime. Much later, the elections tucked away, prominent news outlets such as the New York Times blushingly admitted that the matter on the laptop was NOT Russian disinformation.

In addition, discoveries of top- secret documents hidden, some for more than six years, in “lunchpail” Joe’s various million dollar properties have dented the presidential breastplate, and – better late than never – the pro-Biden news media is now attempting to recover is standing among the general public as a fearless pursuer of the truth. Biden’s long honeymoon with our “nonpartisan” media appears to be coming to a close.

So far in Connecticut, prominent Democrats have not been closely questioned concerning the Hunter Biden laptop, or the top secret documents squirrelled away by Biden who, as former U.S. Senator and Vice President, was obliged, legally and morally, to observe the same protocol respecting top secret documentation as any member of the all Democrat Connecticut U.S. Congressional Delegation.

Now that the helm in the U.S. House of Representatives has fallen to Republicans, a hasty retreat to the usual White House bunkers may no longer be sufficient to distract the public gaze from possible criminal collusion between the Bidens, China and Russia, long considered enemies of democracy.



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