Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Pope Time’s “Person of the Year”

A runner-up for Time's “Person of the Year” was Edward Snowden. The prize went to Pope Francis  who, apparently, is more like Pope John and Jesus than Pope Benedict and Satan.

Pope Benedict XVI—the first pope in centuries voluntarily to surrender the papacy—is, like his successor, “modest,” a virtue Time considers indispensable in popes: What could be a greater indication of modesty than giving up the papacy in exchange for a life of prayer and holy silence? This is not the kind of renunciation – of wealth, power and glory – one expects from popes or editors of Time magazine.

Benedict would never have made Time's cover as “Person of the year.” Too orthodox, too much of a theological scholar, too unTimely.

Years flow by quickly and Mr. Snowden should not give up hope. There is always next year. 

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