Sunday, November 04, 2012

Boilerplate Comics

Political comedy really should reach across the ideological barricades. Poor Gary Trudeau keeps getting snagged in the razor wire that surrounds Doonesbury.

Bubble 1) Sorry. You’re toast. Goodbye.

Bubble 2) You know, it just amazes me that only a few years after the economy was brought to its knees by a gang of predatory Wall Street plutocrats…

Bubble 3) That the GOP would nominate a predatory Wall Street plutocrat.

Bubble 4) Do they think we don’t remember who screwed us over and hollowed out the middle class? People just like Romney!

Without the cartoon characters, the text would make a letter perfect New York Times Obama endorsement.

And, has anyone noticed that Bill Maher’s boilerplate comedy is getting tiresome?

Maher: "So, I should just say for anyone thinking about voting for Mitt Romney, if that’s who you are, I would like to make this one plea: Black people know who you are, and they will come after you. I’m kidding. Oh, I’m kidding. What I meant to say is: Mitt Romney cares.”

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