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Job Fair Cancelled For Lack Of Jobs

In Massachusetts – formerly called Taxachussetts, although its tax structure is a little less formidable than Connecticut’s – a job fair had to be cancelled for lack of jobs, according to the Boston Globe.

The Chairman of the Taunton Employment Task Force, Richard Shafer, said 20-25 employers were necessary for the fair scheduled for April 6, five days beyond April Fool’s Day. However, only 10 tables had been reserved and of those one table was reserved by a non-profit offering human services to job seekers, and three would have been occupied by temporary employment agencies.

The cancellation of the job fair, Mr. Shafer said, was indicative of the job market in the North East. Companies are still cautious about hiring full time workers.

Here in Connecticut, the job market has remained anemic ever since Connectitax, perhaps attempting to keep up with Taxachussetts, instituted its income tax. Recently, Connectitax has made the Lowell P. Weicker Jr. income tax more progressive and blanketed the state with new taxes and higher rates.

Job seekers in the North East may have better luck seeking opportunities in the states listed below that have no income tax, where costly regulations are not quite so punishing and where the economic skies are not cloudy all day.

Alaska has no individual tax and, like New Hampshire, no state sales tax. Florida has a corporate income tax of 5% and no individual income tax. Its tax on “intangible personal property – stocks, bonds, mutual funds, etc. – was abolished in 2007. Nevada has neither an individual income tax nor a corporate income tax. The state hauls in most of its revenue from gaming and sales taxes. While South Dakota levies a corporate income tax on financial institutions, it has no individual income tax -- nor does Tennessee, Texas, Washington or Wyoming, which has no corporate income tax either.

Young job hunters, weary of the scant pickings in Connectitax, no doubt will be heading towards the greener employment pastures listed above after they have graduated from one of the state's increasingly expensieve institutes of higher learning. Illegal aliens whom Connectitax indends to reward with a discounted education will be traveling along with the rest to areas of the country in which job fairs are more like fairs than funerals.


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