Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Schiller Dumped Twice

Former National Public Radio (NPR) executive Ron Schiller, caught in a video sting operation in which he held forth on Jewish media conspiracies and “racist” tea party members, has now been bumped from his default employment position at the Aspen Institute.

Mr. Schiller was in his last few weeks of his job with NPR when he was exposed as a (gasp) uber-liberal by a couple of amateur journalistic sleuths who, pretending affiliation with the Muslim Brotherhood, dangled $5 million in potential contributions in front of Mr. Schiller’s nose.

Mr. Schiller rose to the bait and swallowed it hook, line and lead sinker,
though a spokesman for NPR later claimed it had several times spurned the money offer.

Much to the dismay of his former bosses at NPR, Mr. Schiller proclaimed that NPR really no longer needed taxpayers to prop it up, a heretical admission that caused those at NPR propped up by tax payers dollars to send Mr. Schiller packing. Fortunately, Mr. Schiller, the Martin Luther of NPR, had another job lined up with the Aspen Institute. Unfortunately for Mr. Schiller, the Aspen Institute chucked the poor fellow on the ash heap of history.

All this for telling the truth.

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