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Initiative and Referendum Survey By The Connecticut Citizens for Ballot Initiative

Connecticut Citizens for Ballot Initiative
P.O. Box 684
South Windsor , CT 06074
860-644-2431 ext. 3

The Connecticut Citizens for Ballot Initiative, a non-partisan grass roots organization dedicated to bringing Initiative and Referendum to Connecticut , has issued the following endorsements (candidates listed in alphabetical order within office) for CT Executive offices, US Congressional offices, and State Congressional offices based on their response to our polling question:

Do you support Connecticut citizens having the right to a statewide initiative and referendum mechanism?


Tom Foley/Mark Boughton (R)
Tom Marsh/ Cicero Booker Jr. (I)

Michael "Mike" DeRosa (G)
Jerry Farrell, Jr. (R)
Ken Mosher (L)
Michael Telesca (I)

Martha Dean (R)
Stephen Fournier (G,I)

S. David Bue (G)
Jeff Wright (R)

Colin Bennett (G)
Joshua Katz (L)
Jack Orchulli (R)


John Mertens (CT-L)


Ann Brickley (R)

Janet Peckinpaugh (R)
Dan Reale (L)

Boaz Itshaky (I)
Jerry Labriola Jr.

Dan Debicella (R)

Sam Caliguri (R)


STATE SENATE (By District)

Barbara Ruhe (R), District 1
Robert L. Gonzalez (R), District 3
Henry Zembko (R), District 6
John A Kissel (R), District 7
Kevin Witkos (R), District 8
Rea Johnson (G), District 9
Dominic Mazzoccoli (R), District 9
Matthew Corcoran (R), District 11
Lisa Davenport (R), District 12
Len Suzio (R,G), District 13
Vincent Marino (R), District 14
Joe Markley (R), District 16
Charlie Aspinwall (L), District 17
Tamath K Rossi (R), District 17
Daniel Docker (R), District 20
Marc Guttman (L), District 20
Kevin C Kelly (R), District 21
Jim Miron (D), District 21
David Pia (R), District 22
Michael McLachlan (R,I), District 24
Artie Kassimis (R), District 25
Toni Boucher (R), District 26
Bob Kolenberg (R), District 27
John McKinney (R), District 28
John O Hallbergh, Jr (I), District 29
Jason Welch (R), District 31
Rob Kane (R), District 32
Neil Nichols (R), District 33
Tony Guglielmo (R), District 35


Timothy J Ackert (R), 8th District
Dennis A Brenner (R), 9th District
Jonathan M Searles (R), 10th District
Matt Peak (R), 12th District
Cheri Ann Pelletier (R), 13th District
Ethan Goldman (R), 18th District
Denise Berard Hall (R), 19th District
Ellen Burchill Brassil (R), 20th District
Cristopher Carillo (R), 24th District
Christie Carpino (R), 32nd District
David Bauer (R), 33rd District
Gail K Hamm (D,WF), 34th District
Earle Roberts (R), 34th District
Chet Harris (R), 36th District
Holly H Cheeseman (R), 37th District
Andrew R Lockwood (R), 39th District
Timothy H Plungis (R), 41st District
John A Rodolico (R), 42nd District
Michael Struzik (R), 44th District
Michael Zelasky (R), 45th District
Bill Nash (R), 46th District
Joe Broder (R), 48th District
Robert S Jeniski (R), 51st District
Daniel S Rovero (D), 51st District
Mark Etre (R), 56th District
Christopher Davis (R), 57th District
Ted Graziani (D,WF), 57th District
Tom Sirard (R), 58th District
Ken Nelson Jr. (R), 59th District
Malvi Lennon (R), 61st District
William Simanski (R), 62nd District
Kathy Lauretano (R), 64th District
Nicholas W Payne (G), 67th District
Sean Williams (R), 68th District
Rosa C Rebimbas (R), 70th District
Jeffrey J Berger (D,WF), 73rd District
Jason Van Stone (R), 73rd District
Selim G Noujaim (R), 74th District
Laurie J Barrett (D), 76th District
Jill T Fitzgerald (R), 77th District
Whit Betts (R), 78th District
Pete Del Mastro (R), 79th District
Rusty Haigh (R), 81st District
Mark R Mnich (R), 82nd District
Allan E Pronovost (R), 84th District
Mike Vitali (R), 85th District
Vincent J Candelora (R), 86th District
Katheryn E Brown (R), 89th District
Richard Abbate (R), 90th District
Rosalie Cavanaugh (R), 91st District
Robert W Megna (D,WF), 97th District
Cindy Cartier (R), 98th District
Linda Monaco (R), 99th District
John Szewczyk (R,I,L,CT-L), 100th District
David G Goclowski (R), 102nd District
Al Adinolfi (R), 103rd District
Mary E Porter (R), 104th District
Leonard Greene, Jr. (R), 105th District
John H Frey (R), 111th District
DebraLee Hovey (R), 112th District
Jason Perillo (R), 113th District
Peggy Rogers (R), 117th District
Gregory M Smith (R), 118th District
Daniel German (R), 119th District
Richard Roy (D), 119th District
Laura Hoydick (R), 120th District
Lawrence Miller (R), 122nd District
T. R. Rowe (R), 123rd District
John W Hetherington (R), 125th District
James Keyser (I), 126th District
David K Labriola (R), 131st District
Michael Murren (D), 134th District
Nitzy Cohen (R), 136th District
Joanne T Romano (R), 137th District
Leon Richard Moore (R), 139th District
Lawrence F Cafero, Jr. (R), 142nd District
Gail Lavielle (R), 143rd District
Kieran M Ryan (R), 146th District
Dennis E Mahoney (R), 147th District
Philip Balestriere (R), 148th District
Livvy R Floren (R), 149th District
Fred Camillo (R), 151st District

For further information, please contact John J. Woodcock at 860-644-2431 ext. 3 , go to our website
our Facebook page Connecticut Citizens For Ballot Initiative.

Paid for by the Connecticut Citizens For Ballot Initiative,
B. Richard Giordano, Treasurer


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