Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Blumenthal’s Suits

Following Attorney General Richard Blumenthal’s debate with Merrick Alpert at the University of Hartford, most press reports quoted Blumenthal on the role he claims to have played in facilitating business in Connecticut through suits:

Alpert: "… we have less jobs since he’s been in office. I would ask one question of the attorney general: How many jobs have your suits created?"

Blumenthal: "… Our law suits, our legal actions, actually create jobs, because businesses actually welcome competition and a level playing field.”

There follows a list of corporations in which the plaintiff has had an AG appearance. The list covers only the time from 1/1/07 to the present. The list includes, in this order: the company name, followed by the court docket number, followed by the case name.

A compehensive and readable list may be found here.

 The list is continued here.


andy thibault said...

would like to see analysis of which actions helped citizens and which actions were questionable....

Tired of Bloomie said...

How do stopping a gas transmission line, fighting an underground cable, opposing new 345kv lines, stopping a natural gas platform and a host of other defeated projects create jobs?

I guess if you get hired by the AG that's one but in the process he has killed thousands of jobs.

I'm glad Merrick Alpert called him out on his phoniness.

Don Pesci said...


Like beauty that's in the eye of the beholder. Here's one case in which Blumenthal claimed to be helping consumers:

Constitutionally, his office is supposed to be a party to suits in which he is authorized to defend the interests of state agencies. No doubt some of that is represented in the list. Other consumer protection cases are constitutionally dubious.

The list is intended merely as a useful tool to measure Blumenthal's insistence in a debate that his many suits help and do not hurt business productivity in the state, a claim intimated by Alpert. Blumenthal is always talking about tobacco settlements and the like, but his litigation extends well beyond such things.

Anonymous said...

Maybe by job creation he's referring to the increase in employment of the defense bar to defend businesses agains all of these law suits. It would be interesting to see how many companies mentioned are still in CT, or still in business.

Richard E. said...

like i said enlighten me please :0

Richard E. said...

THE MAIN Question here is how much $$ did he spend on the 900 lawsuits. Would someone care to take a guess? have True #'s or enlighten me . . . as per my calculations $10,000 is bear nuts minimum just for getting ouuta bed . . . . while any below average case would garner $50,000 rather quickly . . . and any extensive case with supenas interviews has to cost 1/4 mil to 1 cool mil . . .My "guesstimates" would be an average of $100k butting this expense at.1 BILLION neighborhood . . please correct me if wrong

Richard E. said...

Thats MORE Than a suit a DAY!

does anyone have comaparible state #'s also please

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