Wednesday, December 02, 2009

McMahon And The La La Bloggers

Progressives in the Democratic Party – there are progressives in the Republican Party as well, but the brigades are marching in opposite directions -- have for two decades been braiding the rope they plan to use to hang the rich, while leveling down the mini-millionaire peaks so that everyone in society can join a union and plunder unorganized workers.

Now comes Linda McMahon with a fist full of dollars, and what is their complaint?

They fear the Republican candidate for U.S. Sen. Chris Dodd’s seat may use her millions to escape hanging.

Here is an ardent progressive who comments on blogs under the handle “Anderson Scooper” -- sometimes referred to lovingly on the blog site “Connecticut Local Politics” as “Pooper Scooper” – lamenting Linda McMahon’s deep pockets:

“Linda is our opponent, not Rob [Simmons, also running for the U.S. Senate against Dodd]. Your side is desperate for a $50 Million GOTV operation, and if that means kissing WWE’s, Cappiello’s, and Mrs. Healy’s ass, your side will be happy to comply, even if it means embracing a DCCC and Rhambo (sic) approving RINO. Come convention time, Linda will have bought herself a lead in the polls, and that will be the only thing that matters. Except it won’t matter once Dodd retires in favor of Big Dick Blumenthal…”
Scooper imagines Attorney General Blumenthal will abandon his two decade’s old Hamlet act and throw his mailed fist into the ring, after the badly wounded Dodd finally comes to his senses and retires. Of such things are dreams made.

Quoting the left leaning Fairfield Weekly, another blogger, TheRealNixon, writes:

“The Fairfield Weekly just said: If we were Healy [the Republican Party Chairman], we’d also try to do away with the nearly unelectable McMahon. Her business is an embarrassment and she has no qualifications for governing. She doesn’t even vote. But you can’t flick aside someone with $30 million to spend on the race (and who’s been videotaped kicking a guy in the balls).

“Come on folks, Linda McMahon is an embarrassment. Just because the Dems. have comedian turned Senator Al Franken doesn’t mean we should nominate someone whose only experience solving problems is, as the Fairfield Weekly said, ‘kicking a guy in the balls.’”
The real Nixon would be abashed at TheRealNixon’s attempt to frustrate such behavior.

The real Dick Nixon, might have said: “First thing guy, if you must impersonate me, get the character right. Second, have you talked to any women lately? Have you talked to any Big Brother survivalists? Some in the Connecticut Republican Party were hoping against hope that outgoing Gov. Rell had the intestinal fortitude to kick the Democratic legislative leadership — you know who those guys are — in the balls. They richly deserved it. She didn’t. Maybe the next Republican governor will.”

And, the Real Dick Nixon would have added: “McMahon should use that clip in her advertisements: Send me to Congress -- this is what I’ll do.” Clip follows showing McMahon sending a prissy congressman-for-life to the mat with her foot.

Connecticut, people forget, is the state that sent P. T. Barnum of Barnum and Bailey Circus fame to their legislature. Barnum was elected to the Connecticut legislature in 1865 as a Republican for Fairfield, and served two terms. He also served as Mayor of Bridgeport was more successful in both ventures than many of the clowns presently running the three ring circus at the state Capitol today – which is not to say that U.S. Sen. McMahon will not simple turn into a shuttle cock after her first year in office in the U.S. Senate, the usual fate of the average congressional legislator, including Dodd.

But McMahon’s background, it should be admitted, perfectly suits her for the job at hand.

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