Friday, December 04, 2009

Fix The #!!**#!!"n Roof

Welcome to the Fairy tale.

U.S. Sen. Chris Dodd, the guy who is chiefly responsible, along with U.S. Rep Barney Franks, for destroying the U.S. Housing market, is teaming up with Chris Donovan, Connecticut’s House Speaker, who put together a budget half a billion dollars in the red one month after it was passed, to convince outgoing Gov. Jodi Rell to pony up $25 million so that the state can receive from the Barack Obama administration, deeply in debt to the Chinese, part of a stimulus outlay to be used ferry unemployed people on a new and improved train line connecting Springfield and Hartford.

The Hartford Courant will do everything in its power to facilitate this madness.

In the meantime, Connecticut’s economic roof is leaking buckets. Even the noses of Dodd and Donovan are wet with roof tar. Bits of shingle are swimming in their soup. The batting from the attic is hanging from the gaping ceiling. The couch where they both snooze together is green with mold.

But nevermind the roof. What the state really needs is a new car – preferably an eco-friendly hybrid.

And buses, we need buses.


dmoelling said...

The obsession of the left with rail transport (non freight mind you) is at once revealing and incomprehensible. Passenger rail is never economical or practical the way it is run as a subsidised entreprise in the US. But it does create patronage work for favored consultants, commissions and contractors so to satisfy the Courant is not a hardship for Democratic Pols.

I think the left loves passenger rail simply because of it's rigidity. Today's rail needs dedicated lines to even approach highway speeds. Buses are much more flexible and practical, as seen by the new high end Bolt and Megabus lines running on the east coast. But a high investment rail line in the liberal mind leads to the need to force housing and jobs close to it. It then is a facilitator for the changes the urban meddlers love.

The Courant cannot stop itself from going off the rails for this kind of stuff (remember the endless "Place" series that dominated the Sunday opinon section)

Jim Brogan said...

We were deeply in debt to the Chineese long before the Obama administration came to power.

I'm just saying...

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