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Swan Dives

Tom Swan, the head of the Connecticut Citizen Action Group and the campaign manager for Ned Lamont in his unsuccessful run for Sen. Joe Lieberman’s seat, is kicking dust on John "Corky'' Mazurek’s shoes.

Swan prefers Karen A. Houghtaling over Mazurek. Houghtaling is described in one story as “a 41-year-old grandmother who works more than 60 hours a week in two jobs as a receptionist and a waitress in Waterbury.” She is backed by CCAG and labor union groups such as the United Auto Workers, AFSCME Council 4, and the Working Families Party, the usual culprits who sit like gargoyles on the left wing of the Democrat Party.

The Working Families Party is one of those odd party organs that developed as reformers attempted to bring political parties, increasingly viewed as unnecessary, into the 21st century. The “party” in Connecticut has, according to one account, fewer than a dozen registered members and a line on political ballots. It’s the line on the ballot, used by the WFP to boost the fortunes of Democrats who back union measures, that makes the party a menace to Democrat Party regulars.

In New York, the WFP obtained a line on the ballot by cross endorsing former Governor Elliot Spitzer, a virtual shoe-in. These were in the glory days of New York’s former crusading attorney general before he slipped into an erotic trough.

Swan’s beef with Mazurek involves an energy bill that did not meet the exacting standards of the CCAG.

"He brought out that rat energy bill when Fontana and Vickie wouldn't,” Swan said. "Corky's base is the Rotary Club. He was not that active in the political groups. Even the more traditional unions hate him."

Corky responded, "It's amazing how poorly informed the CCAG people are about that energy bill. I think Mr. Swan doesn't understand the bill and doesn't know what he's talking about. You can tell Swan, for his information, I received 6,000 votes against a strong Republican opponent. He's just blowing smoke. There is no Rotary Club in Wolcott, by the way."

Mazurek pointed out that the energy bill passed by overwhelming margins -- 128 to 19 in the House and 32 to 3 in the Senate -- before being signed by Gov. M. Jodi Rell. Turning the knife gleefully, he noted that all the Democratic leaders voted for the bill.

The Democrat machine is backing Mazurek against the waitress.


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