Monday, July 21, 2008

Why Clinton Lost

The autopsies on Sen. Hillary Clintons’s failed presidential bid are now coming in. Frank Luntz of Luntz Maslansky Strategic Research in Washington D.C., characterizes it as “the worst campaign ever. It was a disgrace."

Leading Sen. Barcak Obama by 22 points on the same day as the Iowa caucuses, Clinton blew it.

Her “arrogance” and “viciousness,” Lutz said, got the best of her.

John McCaslin reports in that Lutntz’s consulting firm “examined the speech patterns of both Mrs. Clinton and Mr. Obama during the primary campaigning and determined the Illinois senator and now-presumptive Democratic presidential nominee issued a negative attack or statement almost every three minutes.

"Mrs. Clinton, on the other hand, issued an attack ‘every 50 seconds.'"

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Anonymous said...

There was a real sense of entitlement in the Clinton camp, as if she earned the right to the Democratic nomination solely for being Bill Clinton's wife. Obama was much more appealing to people's optimism (not that I plan to vote for him).