Monday, July 28, 2008

Edwards Spindives

Ugly rumors about ex-presidential candidate and former Sen. John Edwards, he of the perfect hair, that have been in the pipeline for several months are now burbling to the surface.

The rumors involve a child Edwards produced with his reputed love interest, Rielle Hunter.

Somewhere along the line, the Hounds of Heaven who toil at the National Inquirer, got wind of the affair and decided to pursue Edwards during a tryst he had arranged recently at the Beverly Hilton Hotel with Hunter and their alleged child. Edward's wife, though cancer stricken, valiantly supported him during his presidential bid. Edwards has denied the child is his.

“His secret mistress Rielle Hunter and her baby were upstairs," The Enquirer reported, "and Edwards had just spent hours with them in a secret rendezvous.

“As Butterfield and Hitchen tried to question Edwards, he ran down a hallway and ducked into a men's public bathroom. The reporters attempted to follow him in and Edwards pushed the door shut from inside.

“Hotel security showed up and intervened. The reporters charge that not only did one security guard threaten to break their camera but that security also violated several statutes of the California Penal Code, including false imprisonment and preventing a guest from entering land.

“The ENQUIRER reporters were registered guests at the hotel, while Edwards was not."

National Inquirer reporters Alan Butterfield and Alexander Hitchen have now filed a criminal complaint against the hotel.

The complaint would allow police to question Edwards concerning the tawdry event. And of course, once questioned, it would allow the newspaper to contest claims to the contrary made by Edwards.

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